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Products & Uses:

High Performance (HP) Yarns are spun from fibers that have unique inherent properties such as flame and/or heat resistance, chemical resistance, cut resistance, exceptionally high strength, and electro-static dissipation, etc. End uses for HP Yarns may include protective clothing for the military, fire services and industry, industrial work gloves, filtration fabrics, high temperature straps/harnesses, conveyor belting, and sewing thread.



Include (but not limited to) Nomex®,and Conex, MetaOne, Arament(Meta-Aramid), Kevlar® and Twaron (Para-Aramid),PBI®(Polybenzimidazole), Lenzing® Flame Retardant Rayon, P84® (Polyimide), Kermel® (polyamidelimide), Flame Retardant Modacrylic, Torcon®, Fortron®, and Procon® (PolyphenyleneSulfide), Basofil® (Melamine), Dolanit® (Homopolymer Acrylic), Dyneema®(UHMWPE), Carbon , Panox® OPF, Pyron® OPF and TECGEN® OPF (Oxidized Polyacrylonitrile) and Wool (Domestic and Global), Purethread®, Pyrotex, Antistatics .


Count Range:

1-20's Worsted Count, 4-60's English Cotton Count yarns and multiple-ply


Spinning Systems:

Short staple (cotton system), Long staple (modified worsted system), Core Spinning and Air Jet Spinning


Put-Ups & Finishing:

Cones, dye tubes, and skeins. Waxing, conditioning and autoclaving are available.


Customers routinely ask for new and innovative solutions to fulfill their immediate and forward needs, and we deliver. We endeavor to meet or exceed every expectation. To that end, our research and development efforts utilize the most current technologies available.


Pharr HP takes the initiative to stay in close contact with the most innovative minds in the chemical, fiber, and fabrication industries. We have assembled a team of knowledgeable professionals that are active participants in the varied end-use markets our products serve. 

If it is in production, under development, or an exciting potential waiting to materialize, we seek to analyze, understand, and measure its importance and value. We then devise the means to manufacture the yarn and ultimately support the business.  

Pharr’s High Performance Yarn Group treats every customer request with equal commitment and confidentiality. We understand that our solution might not only mean the difference between product success and failure, but could make a significant difference when lives are in harms way.