100 Main Street

PO Box 1939

McAdenville, NC 28101

Phone: 704.824.3551



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What Differentiates Us

Pharr Yarns has been located in McAdenville since 1939.  Started as a joint venture between Robert Stowe, Daniel Stowe and William Pharr, we continue today as a privately owned company.  With a strong family heritage, the Carstarphen family, today, provides an environment where prosperity is obtained through a family environment.

Headquartered in McAdenville, North Carolina, Pharr Yarns is one of the most diversified sales yarn manufacturers in the world. We serve our diversified global customer base from offices across the United States and Europe. Our US operations include North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina and California. Throughout the world, Pharr is recognized for innovation, quality and responsiveness.

Highly dedicated employees, coupled with sound financial strength, allow us to focus all our energies on serving customers.

At Pharr, you deal with experienced people who have been with us for years and whose primary concern is meeting your request quickly and to confidentially provide effective answers. Every final answer must pass a test even tougher than our corporate criteria-it must meet the exacting personal standards of a Pharr Yarns employee.

A tradition of innovation has shaped our past and will continue to guide us toward improving our business and our customers', as well.